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2016-01-06 03:42 pm
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2015-01-15 05:40 pm
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Nice to meet you.

Due to personal reasons everything is locked. If you want to friend me, drop me a comment and we'll get on just fine. I promise I won't bite, new friends are ♥.
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2011-11-18 12:30 pm
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Mentally interpret the characters or symbols.

Happy Birthday [ profile] beyondtheworld! I hope you have a fantastic day and a great party and lots of presents and overall fabulous time. ♥
This entry is going to be something not that many people probably end up commenting on, but it's something I've wanted to write for a while because I do find this subject interesting. Yes, this is going to be a post about reading and it is a very long one, but I still hope someone clicks the cut and takes the time to leave their thoughts. I do hope to get some discussion.

for once, read more is an apt cut text )
As a last note I would like to remind that I am sending out Christmas/holiday cards and if you didn't comment in my last post saying you'd like one, now is your time for that. I do love sending out those cards.
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2011-02-18 05:24 pm
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Oh, those were the times.

This post exists because sometimes wonderful Twitter conversations just get a bit out of hand. Somehow [ profile] not_a_rummba , [ profile] octoberorange and me ended up talking about the amazing music that was made in the '90s and when I said I could make a playlist of all the great songs, I seem to have meant that. This is for Farhana because she convinced me to do this (not that I really needed that, but still) and for Jess who reminded me of lots of good bands and songs I might have otherwise forgotten. Thank you girls. This is also for everyone who loves the incredible music made in the '90s. Enjoy!

i bring you a mixtape! )
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2011-02-10 02:21 pm
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Friends cut.

Friends cut done. If you commented saying you want to be kept, then you have nothing to worry about, we are still friends. If you didn't and cannot see this entry, then I'm sorry to tell you you didn't make the cut. I'm asking you to please remove me from your friends, as it seems we just didn't make the connection. If you think I shouldn't have cut you, this is your place to tell why and we'll see if I add you back.

Thanks for everything, maybe one day we can try again.